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Meeting room management

Easily book your meeting room

Add-on Products' meeting room reservation software allows you to easily book a meeting room and organize necessary tools such as screens, projectors and catering. It is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook and easy to use. You can check the availability of meeting rooms in various ways and book the one you need based on your requirements, such as number of attendees, seating arrangement and availability of presentation tools.

Meeting and workplace management software
Meeting room reservation software

Saas or on-premise

Are you having trouble booking and organizing meetings and finding available rooms? Is your schedule disrupted by last-minute cancellations or do you want to know which rooms are overbooked? 

Then try Resource Central, a meeting room reservation system, to manage your meetings more efficiently. The software can be installed on-premise, in your own cloud or in Add-On Products' cloud as a SaaS solution. It is privacy-friendly and complies with AVG/GDPR guidelines.

Integration MS Outlook and Teams

Our reservation system is designed with your convenience in mind. It is built specifically for Microsoft Outlook®, Office 365, Teams and the Exchange Server. With this system, you can effortlessly find and reserve the perfect meeting room to fit your specific needs.

One of the many benefits of this system is the ability to search for meeting rooms in a single or multiple locations, giving you unparalleled accessibility and convenience. Moreover, this system offers a variety of search filters, including video conferencing capabilities and room capacity, all within a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

The ultimate goal of our reservation system is to save you time and simplify the process of finding and booking meeting rooms.

The capabilities of Resource Central

  • Search and book available meeting rooms, resources, equipment, cars and hot desks through Outlook®
  • Ordering catering, table setting and other services
  • Book recurring meetings and services Book multiple resources and order catering and additional services in one step
  • Order confirmations are automatically sent to all meeting organizers and service providers
  • Automatic workflow for changes and cancellations Customized catering items and menus
  • View nutritional and allergen information
  • Manage bookings and orders on behalf of your colleagues with the Assisting Organizer feature
  • Filter by specific locations and find available meeting rooms with color-coded interactive floor plans
  • View availability of participants in internal meeting
  • Manage resource reservations with the Booking Manager feature
  • Hide or limit selections of sources for which organizers do not have permission to book
  • View reservations and orders Outlook® plug-in with cross-platform support
  • Run recorded standard reports, such as resource utilization reports
  • Register visitors in advance, print visitor badges, perform barcode scanning and receive notifications when visitors arrive
  • Delete sensitive data manually or automatically for AVG compliance
  • Use self-registration kiosk for quick registration 16 languages supported by software

Visitor Registration

Register visitors prior to visit, print badges, scan barcodes and receive notifications upon arrival. Automatically delete visitor data after a certain number of days to comply with AVG/GDPR regulations.

Resource Central allows meeting organizers to pre-register visitors, while receptionists can check them in and print customized badges. Our room reservation system also includes a self-registration feature for visitors who can automatically notify the organizer of the visit via e-mail or text message.

Visitor Registration