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eHealth platform

Fall and stray detection

Receive automated alarms when a client has fallen or wanders into a room.

Life pattern monitoring

Monitor privacy-proof living patterns Get valuable insights using AI

Longer at home

Live safely longer at home in your familiar surroundings using the LTT platform

Green deal in healthcare

Save on gas and electricity consumption based on room attendance.

LTT eHealth portal

We offer a very user-friendly eHealth portal (SaaS) that allows you to set up sensors, rooms, locations, room profiles, alarms and users, and monitor the status of rooms.

The dashboard in the LTT-eHealth portal conveniently displays alarm history by room (by notification type) with the ability to forward them to your existing messaging platform using the standard OAP protocol. 

LTT eHealth portal

Lifestyle monitoring for your organization?

The LTT Rhythm is a development of Let Things Talk. At this moment we are only starting innovation projects with the LTT Rhythm sensor. Are you interested in starting an innovation project with the LTT Rhythm, please contact Jarno van der Woude, Director of Care.