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LTT Rhythm

The privacy proof living rhythm sensor

Tracking clients' daily routines can help health care providers work more efficiently and save costs by remotely monitoring clients completely anonymously, recording incidents earlier, allowing health care professionals to intervene more quickly and appropriately.

Intramural and extramural application

The LTT Rhythm can be used in care facilities as well as in the home over time (VPT). Collecting and sharing this data (with the support of both informal and formal caregivers) helps patients stay independent and provide the right care in the right place.

LTT Rhythm provides insight into people's daily routines, increases safety with advanced detection features such as detecting falling, wandering, standing, sitting and lying down. All without the use of cameras and is more reliable than motion sensors.

  • The LTT Rhythm is only available for innovation projects.
LTT Rhythm
The LTT Rhythm is a development of Let Things Talk on Dutch soil.


  • In incidents
  • To nursing/caregiving
  • To care center
  • To professional
  • To caregiver


  • Personal files
  • Management systems
  • PBMs and EHR/XIS


Open platform

  • Medicine dispensers
  • Care robots
  • Healthcare Innovations
  • Smart incontinence material

Lifestyle monitoring for your organization?

The LTT Rhythm is a development of Let Things Talk. At this moment we are only starting innovation projects with the LTT Rhythm sensor. Are you interested in starting an innovation project with the LTT Rhythm, please contact Jarno van der Woude, Director of Care.