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Life rhythm monitoring

What do we mean by living rhythm monitoring. The LTT Rhythm sensor allows us to anonymously monitor the posture and position of one or more people in a room. We recognize whether a person is sitting, standing, has fallen or is wandering.Fall and wander detection, as well as out of bed registration. 

In addition, we continuously monitor where the client(s) are in a room. Using artificial intelligence, patterns (lifestyle) of persons are defined. This enables us to determine their lifestyle profile, recognize deviations and issue alarms accordingly.

Empathetic technology @ Let Things Talk

Why lifestyle monitoring?

By monitoring a person's daily routines, we can provide better tailored care to clients up close and remotely, keeping them safe and healthy for longer. This can be especially helpful in recognizing incidents more quickly and possibly even preventing them. Ultimately, this leads to more efficient cheaper care and more peace of mind for the healthcare professional. 

Trend analysis with Artificial Intelligence

With advanced AI and trend analysis, this service provides insight into a client's lifestyle. By creating personal profiles of clients, care can be better tailored to them. After all, one client is not like another. 

LTT Rhythm
LTT Rhythm


The Rhythm sensor can recognize multiple postures, such as sitting, standing and lying down.


The Rhythm sensor can very accurately determine the position of one or more people in a room.


The Rhythm sensor is mounted on the wall. No portable sensor is required.


The Rhythm sensor works without a camera and is suitable for bedroom monitoring


The Rhythm sensor is under development and therefore only available for innovation projects.

Open Platform

The Rhythm sensor is part of the LTT Health platform that can integrate external sensors or software.

More peace of mind in night care

When caring for clients at night, important questions are: what do clients do at night? Are there clients with irregular sleep patterns? Who needs urgent help now and what can wait a while? How often do clients fall or go to the bathroom more often?

Peace of mind for the healthcare professional

It is essential to answer these questions for the proper care and attention clients need at night. By keeping track of this information and addressing it accordingly, you ensure the well-being and safety of clients. In addition, it provides peace of mind for the care professional. Rest for the healthcare professional is incredibly important to relieve workload and create better working conditions.

Sleep behavior monitoring

How do we monitor?

Monitoring with the LTT Rhythm can be applied both in healthcare facilities and eventually at home (VPT).

LTT Rhythm provides insight into people's daily routines, increases safety with advanced features such as detecting falls and wandering. Without the use of cameras and is more reliable than motion sensors. We monitor completely anonymously so 100% without cameras.

LTT Rhythm

Lifestyle monitoring for your organization?

The LTT Rhythm is a development of Let Things Talk. At this moment we are only starting innovation projects with the LTT Rhythm sensor. Are you interested in starting an innovation project with the LTT Rhythm, please contact Jarno van der Woude, Director of Care.