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Fall and stray detection

Fall detection - Elderly man falls with cane

Fall and stray detection

Falls and strays are very dangerous for the elderly in care facilities, so it is crucial to detect them early. Infrared sensors often miss their target and cause unnecessary false alarms for caregivers.

Reliable and anonymous fall and wander detection

Therefore, the LTT Rhythm offers the solution without the use of cameras. It is accurate and reliable, allowing healthcare workers to respond quickly to emergencies and can significantly reduce the risk of injury or unintentional harm. 

In and out of bed registration

Accurate in and out of bed registration with the LTT Rhythm sensor. This sensor recognizes completely anonymously whether a person is in bed, standing next to the bed or has left his or her bed.

Automatic notification can be given to your own PZI system such as the ASCOM platform using the LTT eHealth platform. Notifications can always be personalized if required

Out of bed registration

We are proud to announce that after years of development, our LTT Rhythm sensor may introduce in Q2 2024. This groundbreaking sensor is designed to detect various types of activities completely anonymously, including falls and wandering.

The LTT Rhythm sensor from Let Things Talk detects completely anonymously whether clients are falling or wandering, without the use of cameras. It provides additional security by detecting potential problems early and alerting healthcare professionals in real-time.

Truly anonymous, no cameras

Let Things Talk's LTT Rhythm sensor automatically detects falls and wandering of one or more clients in a room completely anonymously, without the use of cameras. It provides additional security by detecting potential problems early and alerting healthcare professionals in real-time.

Reduce false alarms

Our Rhythm sensor reliably detects falls and wandering, thereby greatly reducing the number of false alarms.

Multidisciplinary approach

Let Things Talk works using a multidisciplinary approach in which adoption and training are important components.

Completely anonymous

The Rhythm sensor is reliable and works without from cameras that may violate clients' privacy.


The LTT Platform works with a Rest API, making it easy to integrate with care call systems.

More efficient deployment

Fewer false reports means that healthcare providers can focus more on what really matters.

AVG/GDPR proof

The LTT Rhythm sensor is AVG-proof. We do not collect or store any personal data.

Living independently at home longer
  • The LTT Rhythm is currently under development at Let Things Talk and available for innovation projects.

Innovating together

We believe that the best way to improve healthcare is to work closely on innovation with healthcare organizations, knowledge institutions and healthcare suppliers. 

Our approach is comprehensive and multidisciplinary because we believe that involvement from all layers of an organization is critical to ensure that we understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by each layer. We have found that by bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, we can create meaningful change that ultimately leads to better outcomes for all.

Finally, diverse perspectives and insights from different healthcare professionals can help us find solutions that really work in the real world.

Fall detection and wander detection for your organization?

The LTT Rhythm is a development of Let Things Talk. At this moment we are only starting innovation projects with the LTT Rhythm sensor. Are you interested in starting an innovation project with the LTT Rhythm, please contact Jarno van der Woude, Director of Care.