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Longer at home while you can

Our goal is to reduce health disparities in the Netherlands, keep people involved in society as long as possible, and delay or prevent inpatient care. Longer at home as long as possible is our credo.

Better and affordable care for the client as well as the caregiver. Reducing the workload of caregivers is also an important part of this.

We call the "empathetic home," which senses needs, recognizes incidents and takes action when necessary and provides insight into the well-being and health of the client and their environment.

Pilot Rhythm

* Images of the LTT Rhythm prototype. The final version has a more compact size and can be connected via WiFi as well as PoE.

The empathetic home

Our technology solutions, including the LTT eHealth platform and Let Things Talk sensors, promote healthy and safe homes, reduce health disparities and save on energy consumption.

Living rhythm completely anonymously monitored at home 

Designed to respect privacy, the LTT Rhythm sensor detects and recognizes various activities of persons in a room, such as position, posture and recognized falls and wandering. But also in and out of bed registration, without using cameras.

* In collaboration with education, hospitals and health institutions, we are jointly developing the LTT Rhythm sensor and the LTT eHealth platform. This sensor is only available for innovation projects.

LTT Rhythm & LTT Airhub; a rock-solid combination

The LTT Rhythm and LTT Airhub work together as one powerful system within the LTT Health platform with various applications, including automated interventions for client safety, indoor climate measurement and home automation. (Home Automation)

The LTT eHealth platform enables remote management and registration, which can be integrated with other healthcare platforms if desired. This promotes autonomy and the right care in the right place.

Also, the LTT Airhub can be expanded with various add-ons, such as smoke detectors, open-close sensors, smart plugs and thermostats, etc., etc., etc. 

empathetic home

Choices and openness

By using global standards when developing software, the system becomes the most open. We therefore use the Open Access Protocol (OAP) and also have a proprietary Rest API available. 

Standards reduce integration complexity and maintenance. Linking with your existing systems will accelerate adoption and improve ease of use.

Alerting to incidents

  • To institutional nursing care
  • To care at home (VPT)
  • To care center
  • To professional


  • Personal files
  • Management systems
  • PBMs and EHR/XIS


Open platform

  • OAP protocol
  • LTT Rest API
  • Healthcare Innovations

Innovating together on an empathetic home (VPT)?

The empathetic home is a development of Let Things Talk. This requires the LTT Rhythm sensor. Currently, we are only starting innovation projects with the LTT Rhythm sensor. Are you interested in starting an innovation project with the LTT Rhythm, please contact Jarno van der Woude, Director of Care.