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Air quality monitoring

Measure and improve air quality

Improve indoor air quality to improve productivity and health. Studies show that a healthy indoor environment can greatly improve cognitive skills and reduce absenteeism.

Measure all relevant air quality values

Let Things Talk offers the advanced LTT Airhub sensor for this purpose, which measures CO2 levels, particulate matter, temperature, humidity, air pressure and other factors affecting air quality to help you create a healthier and more productive environment.

Follow guidelines and obtain certifications

Follow the guidelines of the Rijksdienst van Ondernemend Nederland regarding Frisse scholen and Gezonde kantoren. Achieve important points for the valued indoor climate certificates, such as Well and Breaam.

Current- and historical insight indoor climate

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Current and historical insight of your individual rooms.

Data-driven building management

A healthy building is essential to attract and retain young talent, employees and tenants. It is therefore important to optimize factors such as Co2, particulate matter, humidity and temperature to include heating and ventilation for a comfortable healthy work environment. 

This data is collected within the LTT platform and helps not only for building optimization and energy efficiency, but also for future building designs. This keeps building owners and managers up-to-date with modern eco-conscious standards and makes them attractive to future tenants and users. 

Saving on energy costs with the LTT Airhub

Are you looking for ways to save substantially on your gas bill? Then now is the perfect time to switch to Danfoss' smart thermostat controls i.c.w. the LTT Airhub that can adjust based on calendars and/or presence.

And the benefits don't stop there. Recent studies by research firm Ecofys have shown that installing these smart controls can result in impressive average savings of 23% on heating costs. But that's not all: thanks to integrated features such as presence detection, open window detection and child protection, the savings continue to add up for years to come.

Don't miss the opportunity to be both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. 

Link your building management system

Ewon Flexy

The LTT platform supports industrial communication protocols such as BACnet, Modbus, OPC-UA and many PLC protocols i.c.w. with the EWON Flexy. Together with the EWON Flexy, we can help you make your building management system more intelligent by making the system work smarter and therefore more efficiently.

In addition, the LTT AIRHUB supports Zigbee, allowing you to connect other smart devices such asthermostats, plugs and motion detectors. This great feature can help you save significantly on your energy costs. 

The LTT platform is truly innovative and an indispensable tool for any modern building air quality management system.

Certificates provide clarity

With our state-of-the-art sensor technology and innovative LTT platform, you can achieve the highly rated BREEAM, WELL and SRI certifications for your organization.

These certifications serve as official recognition of your commitment to sustainable and healthy building practices and can greatly enhance your reputation and prestige in your industry. 

Our comprehensive data reports and insights can also help you identify areas for improvement and establish best practices for ongoing maintenance and sustainable operations. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your organization and provide a healthier, more sustainable environment for your employees and customers.

Easy installation

The "Easy-adopt" feature makes it very easy to install the air quality sensor. With just a few clicks, the LTT Airhub can be assigned to a specific room and the room linked to a zone. Fully automatically, a corresponding room dashboard is created. The sensor can be connected either wired Ethernet (POE) or wirelessly via WiFi. Without interference on the existing WiFi network.

The LTT Airhub comes with Zigbee support, making it possible to connect various additional add-ons, such as smart thermostats, power outlets and motion sensors. 

With this feature, the LTT Airhub provides an excellent opportunity to reduce energy costs and improve efficiency of your air conditioning system. 

Indoor climate monitoring

Get insight into the current - and historical indoor climate values of all your rooms, zones and buildings

Occupancy monitoring

Get insight into the current - and historical occupancy rates of all your rooms, zones and buildings

Power consumption monitoring

Get insight into the current - and historical power consumption of all your rooms, zones and buildings

Save on energy consumption

Save on gas and power consumption based on a schedule and utilization of your spaces.