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Meeting room screens

Understanding availability

Digital Sign Service is a convenient tool for booking and managing meeting rooms. You can book meetings via the touch screens outside the meeting room or via MS Outlook. 

Thanks to dynamic signage, displays are always up-to-date, improving both internal and external communication. The software is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows, and you can customize the layout to fit your interior design.

Meeting room displays


Digital Sign service capabilities: 

View, create and manage meetings directly on a touchscreen including color coding for meeting room availability

Start or end meetings at the touch of a button and remotely manage digital boards from a single web-based dashboard with a built-in editor. 

Includes sample templates and PIN and RFID card reader, LED status light.

View multi-room meetings with time zone support and Microsoft Exchange integration.

Digital sign service offers clear

Our digital signage solution for meeting rooms keeps staff and visitors informed of current and scheduled meetings taking place in the room. 

Digital Sign Service eliminates confusion about room availability and bookings. Book meetings directly on displays and integrate seamlessly with the Microsoft platform. 

When you book a meeting in MS Outlook, the meeting information is automatically displayed on the appropriate room booking screen. You can also book a room or change a meeting using the touchscreen display outside the meeting room. 


Meeting room screen for entrance

Management in one location

Meeting room screen 2

Manage all your digital screens remotely from one location with a web dashboard. Real-time updates with information on reservation status and usage.

Book meetings directly on the screens and use a built-in template editor to customize the display to meet your business guidelines.

Improve security and accountability with RFID authentication for users to self-identify and confirm meetings.

Prevent unauthorized use of the meeting room with authorized cardholder access including RFID card readers.

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