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Libertas places LTT sensors in elderly people's homesUncategorizedLibertas places LTT sensors in elderly people's homes

Libertas places LTT sensors in elderly people's homes

Libertas installs sensors for longer home

Libertas places sensors at elderly in Stevenshof and Merenwijk districts

Care institution Libertas Leiden will be installing sensors in sixty homes of Leiden seniors starting in 2025 to monitor them at home. This will happen in particular in the Stevenshof and Merenwijk districts, where an increasing number of seniors live and relatively little care is available. The aim of the project is to allow the elderly to live safely at home for longer.

According to Libertas board member Benjamin Martens, there will be as many as 112,000 more 65-plus households in the Leiden-Haaglanden region by 2040. "A large proportion of them will have to live at home longer, because there are simply no other options," Martens said. "For us as a care organization, it is important that this living at home can also be done properly and safely. That is why we have had an innovative technology developed. This is now being tested at our Robijnhof care location."

According to Libertas, the sensors recognize the difference between someone squatting and someone who has fallen. Only if there is a real problem does a notification go to a control room and a care worker springs into action. It is also possible to detect abnormalities in an elderly person's sleep rhythm and see if someone's condition is deteriorating. Furthermore, the sensors recognize patterns in the stages of Alzheimer's disease, allowing Libertas to respond in time.

Rabobank supports the initiative with a donation of ten thousand euros. "Until 2040, 72,000 elderly homes need to be added. That was the reason for us to set up the Woonzorg Community Leiden-Haaglanden together with all parties involved. But building new homes alone is not the solution," Rabobank director Marius Hovius believes. "Elderly people will live independently at home for longer. This project shows very nicely how the use of new technologies can contribute to the well-being of the elderly. We wholeheartedly support this initiative by Libertas."

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