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Improve air quality to increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and save €6,000 per employee per year according to a 2017 Harvard study. Let Things Talk measures what it takes to improve indoor air quality and insight for your facility management.

A healthy workplace doubles cognitive ability and makes workplaces more attractive to young talent. At Let Things Talk, we believe that everyone is entitled to a healthy living, learning and working environment.

Good indoor climate information is important for improving health, saving energy and creating truly sustainable buildings.

Meeting the requirements of Well.

WELL and Let Things Talk are organizations that advocate for healthy living environments. They believe that buildings should be designed to improve people's well-being. Let Things Talk has designed LTT Airhub sensors that accurately monitor air quality in buildings.

When you partner with Let Things Talk, you can create a better environment for people that not only meets WELL certification requirements, but also saves energy and earns additional points in categories such as air, comfort, innovation and energy conservation.

The catergories of Well

BREEAM certification.

Breaam certification

Many builders and developers want to achieve BREEAM certification for their properties to show that they care about the environment. To become certified, they must reduce pollution and improve indoor air quality. They can do this by creating an Indoor Air Quality Plan (IAQP) to promote health and well-being - which is one of the most important parts of the certification process.

This means prioritizing health and well-being by creating a safe and healthy environment for people to live in, while reducing the impact on the environment. We help builders and developer achieve key points for BREEAM certification.

Smart Readiness Indicator

The EU has introduced the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) to measure a building's interaction with users, energy networks and energy efficiency. 

The SRI evaluates building efficiency, the ability to adjust energy use, meet user needs for a healthy indoor environment and meet flexible energy demand. 

Smart technologies such as the LTT Facility platform and sensors can create cost-effective and energy-efficient buildings with lower carbon emissions.

Smart Readiness Indicator

Certification with Let Things Talk

At Let Things Talk, we offer solutions that meet components of various certifications. Contact us for more information.