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Nice piece in the LC

Today a nice piece about our innovation for healthcare in the Leeuwarder Courant.

With the LTT Rhythm and the LTT eHealth portal (SaaS) we reduce false alarms, make healthcare more efficient and therefore cheaper, and reduce the workload of healthcare workers. Thus, our system helps make care better, cheaper and more efficient. The right care in the right place.

We monitor truly anonymously using radar technology (NO CAMERAs). Using technology developed by Let Things Talk, we record postures and positions of one or more people (clients and/or staff) in a room. For example, we recognize an actual falling motion, wandering of clients and provide accurate in-and-out of bed registration with the LTT Rhythm sensor. Including a portal and reporting to a PZI.

Want to know, what else we are developing and what, for example, we are doing with home automation and AI? Live demo? Then please contact us.
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