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ROC Rivor college can meet any challengefacilityROC Rivor college can meet any challenge

ROC Rivor college can meet any challenge

The ROC Rivor college can meet any challenge. Education faces some serious challenges. With just the recent corona crisis behind us. Are schools facing a sharp increase in student numbers due to the war in the Ukraine. On top of that comes the sharp rise in energy prices.

Due to the corona crisis, the monitoring of CO2 in classrooms has become a spearhead for schools. Besides monitoring Co2, the ROC Rivor college wanted to bring the entire indoor climate of the locations to a better level for employees and students and moreover, the ROC Rivor wants to save substantially on energy.

Due to the increase in the number of students, every square foot will have to be put to meaningful use, for which a good understanding of indoor climate and occupancy is indispensable.

With the LTT Facility platform, we provide insight into the indoor climate of all locations owned by ROC Rivor College and, if desired, the utilization of classrooms and offices using the LTT Airhub. In addition, we fully automatically control thermostat valves and use smart plugs to automatically switch electrical equipment on and off. This eliminates unnecessary long and excessive heating and power consumption.

In this way, the ROC Rivor college can again meet any challenge. If you would like to know more about our solution at ROC Rivor college, please contact us. You can do so by mail or by phone at 0512-208000.


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